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I'm Safe for Schools
U.S. Patent No. 9,489,825

Active Shooter:  When every Second Counts!


Connects teachers, administrators and responders
in the first minute of an emergency

Can you answer YES to every one of these questions?
1. Do teachers and staff get formal training on security incidents (such as what to do in a lock-down)?

2. Do teachers have the ability to detect and report (discreetly) suspicious activity?

3. Do teachers have the ability to rapidly request emergency assistance for medical or security emergencies with the push of a button? (on-site and off-site)

4. Do teachers get status reports during lock-downs and other emergencies? (What's happening,why the emergency, where to go if evacuating, etc.)

5.Can teachers provide responders real time situation reports from inside a locked-down school?

6.Can administrators and responders quickly identify the precise location of a problem in a school using a floor plan display?

7.Can administrators and responders send updates and status reports to those locked down?

8. Do police and EMTs know exactly what room in a school to go to before they arrive?

If Not...I'm Safe for Schools is what you need!

I'm Safe for Schools
What Responders know in the 1st Minute of a Crisis:
Exactly Where to Go When They Arrive!
No Lost Time!
Deciding where to go can't be resolved by looking at the outside of a large complex.


Campus or Wide Area View (City, Town, County)

We use a patented system to leverage tools already in use in schools and universities…smartphones & computers. Our system does not require the purchase of a lot of hardware or huge labor investments. The system use is intuitive, fast and provides meaningful information at the time most critical for saving lives…the first few minutes of an attack.

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I'm Safe for Schools Information Sheet


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U.S. Patent No. 9,489,825
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