I'm Safe Abroad
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Checking In With Groups Traveling or Living Abroad

A highly efficient system that uses hardware and systems you already own
(smartphones and a computer network) to locate groups of people throughout the world.

PRIVACY: The system does not actively track the user -- Users control who sees where they are be sending report.


1. The I'm Safe Abroad system requires a user license for the dashboard which operates the system. It can be accessed from any internet browser and is simple and easy to use.

2. If you are looking for an individual check-in capability that does not use the dashboard or require an account click here.

Request Help or Assistance
Functionality allows for requesting assistance from any location into the client's  monitoring center, to a phone or email account. The graphic below shows the dashboard on a computer monitor. This can be viewed from any location with internet access. Note: this functionality should not be confused with real time emergency calls such as a 911 call. It is for non-emergency notifications to a monitor for situations such as being lost, a mechanical breakdown, etc.

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