I'm Safe App Information and Set-Up

Privacy Statement:

I'm Safe Apps, LLC does not collect any user information from this App, no information you enter during set-up is uploaded to a server or copied. Any text generated by the App is only transmitted to the users you select. The text itself is subject to the privacy policies of your service provider (as with any text you send).

Summary: Unlike other tools like this we do not ask you to upload anything...what is private stays private...because you control it.

App Set-up (Step by Step)
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Step 1.  Once you've downloaded the app and opened it you'll see this screen. Enter any password you like or if you prefer not to use a password then simply hit "return" on your keyboard to leave blank.

Note for parents:
If you are setting up a child's phone you may want to have that password so your child can't make changes to the notifications list.

Step 2.  For the App to generate a text with a link to the user's location on a map you must OK use of current location. 

Step 3.  "User's Name" Enter the name of the user of the phone the app is being installed on. This can be a first name, nickname, etc. "Teen" is shown in this example.

Step 4.  "Contact 1-5" Enter a name and text number or email or both. You can enter up to 5 contacts and have the choice of using text, email or any combination.

Step 5. Scroll back to the top and press "Done"

Privacy Note: The App will generate a group text or email, not an individual one for each recipient. You can add any text to the auto-generated message but keep in mind that it goes to each person on your list. 

Set-up view showing the use of a password (Note ***** in the password block)

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